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Crazy Steve yelling at Josh

'Steven William Upshaw a.k.a Crazy Steve born on April 28, 1979. is a mentally unstable employee of the Premiere Theater. He is portrayed by Jerry Trainor, perhaps best known for his role as Spencer Shay on iCarly. At first he quits his job and gives it to Josh because of a complaint about a loose cup holder but then returns later on as an employee again. He has lots of strange problems and always yells everything he says. He likes watching Dora the Explorer and the song "She'll be coming around the mountain" calms him down. He also is never assigned work on Mondays because those are his bad days. In Merry Christmas Drake & Josh It is revealed that he has a wood chipper that he refers to as a girl and gets angry when people refer to it as it.


The actor Jerry Trainor also portrays Jerry Trainor in icarly. And he voices Dudley Puppy on T.U.F.F. Puppy.